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Consignment Program

Have You Ever Dreamed of Running Your Own Halloween Store?


With a Low Startup Cost and No Long Term Commitments, NiceZOW Halloween’s Consignment Operator Program might be your dream come true Here’s how it works:


  • NiceZOW will supply the operator with the best assortment of Halloween merchandise in the industry.
  • NiceZOW will furnish the operator with POS terminals to ring sales and replenish merchandise during the season.
  • NiceZOW takes a percentage of the sales. We pay for all freight in and out, throughout the season.
  • The consignment operator negotiates his/her own lease with the landlord, purchases all fixtures and supplies. Operates under the NiceZOW name and complies with our basic merchandising and marketing philosophies.
  • The consignment operator controls expenses and pays only for what is sold. NiceZOW takes back all unsold merchandise at the end of the season.
  • NiceZOW looks for consignment operators in markets where we do not have company stores or already established operators.


Other Requirements

  • Simple contract to sign by both parties.
  • Deposit to be received at contract signing.
  • Temporary lease site selected by August.
  • Automated withdrawals of funds through credit card sales.


  • Signed non-compete clause.
  • Lease in operator’s name. All lease payments sole responsibility of operator.
  • Proof of insurance and financial disclosure required.